© All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.  All Rights Reserved.  Website Design by Chronic Behavior LLC. Tonya Allen / Executive Director Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve as the Director for the Triumph Over Tragedy USA Pageantry System. As a pageant competitor and crown receiver, I understand and have benefited greatly in my life from the opportunities bestowed through pageantry. It is obvious why young girls and women desire to enter pageants. They have dreams, and parts of those dreams are to be named the most beautiful, to wear a sparkling crown and most importantly be a role model in their community! My commitment to you is that I will provide an exciting and fair event for everyone! I want this to be a wonderful experience for both the contestants and their families. I created this pageant system  to help empower young girls and women and give them wonderful opportunities to grow and develop a positive self-image as well as cultivate their talents and public speaking abilities. I believe that these environments promote good sportsmanship and an opportunity to build lifelong friendships. My hope is that each delegates realize that they are all winners in all that they do and that they are not defined by whether or not they leave with a crown on their head. Through the promotion of good sportsmanship, I hope to be a guiding force in the development of strong delegates who realize the true beauty that lies within each of them. A main focus is to teach girls and women not to define themselves by a crown or talent, but by the inner beauty they all possess. Beauty comes from within!! My personal observations from my 6 years of experience in the pageant business- as a former contestant, queen, judge and now 3 year pageant producer has been very rewarding.  What I have witnessed myself, many times over, is that through pageants we gain untold benefits and learn valuable life skills. The best thing about competing is that it does not require “Winning” to reap benefits.                                            Our goal is to find the selected few and place them in a position of leadership in their community. This is a chance for the contestants to express not only their outer beauty but inner beauty and intelligence. Good luck to you all. Shine Bright Like a Diamond!